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  • Call Me Madam

    Call Me Madam


    wild seeing george sanders in a role where he ISN'T playing a slimeball. my entire world has been turned upside down.

  • Leeds United!

    Leeds United!


    this felt like WAY longer than two hours for me, but like. in the best possible way.

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  • Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

    Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol


    pink tardis + margaret thatcher parody + murderous burtie bassett = god tier doctor who

    edit: like a fool, i forgot to include the queer subtext in this review. the queer subtext is also a very good part of this serial, and in fact ANY doctor who story in which it features

  • Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

    Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks


    It was fine! Perfectly serviceable as a holiday blockbuster type thing, and honestly I'd resigned myself to that promotional picture of a Dalek with the police being the most overt commentary it would have. I do wish they'd do more with the Daleks, especially since this one DID bring up the fact that they're into racial purity. The commentary on fascism has been built in since their first story, so it's frustrating when they're just used as monsters. I mean…