Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

as an addict, i live in a constant state of worry and hope. i’m worried about how i’ll score and intertwined in that anxiety is the hope that i’ll be okay when i can use again. meanwhile i’m lying to my friends and family, knowing for a fact i can’t pay them back but taking advantage of their kindness anyway. sometimes i wonder why i keep doing this to myself but that question is crushed by the mania and eventual release of finding more oxy and getting high.

i could go into how Ruben’s journey to get the cochlear implant is a reflection of this cycle but i won’t. you get it. i’m just stunned to have seen a movie that approaches addiction with the complexity and compassion i believe it deserves. i’ve been sober for 6 years but i’ll never forget what it felt like to exist in that wretched, destructive state. sound of metal understands. 

and riz ahmed’s on a whole nother level. those eyes are fucking unbelievable, man.

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