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  • Amélie
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Eve's Bayou
  • Possession

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  • Black Mama, White Mama


  • Last Tango in Paris


  • The Bloodettes


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  • Lilith



    Warren is so handsome in the lead, but seems to still be lacking something in his performance. Jean is very strategically off putting however, but still there seems to be some barrier between the viewer and the actual story, there are admirable technical choices and beautiful shots but it really shouldn’t be grouped into psychological thriller because it struggled to be perplexing in any way.

  • Black Mama, White Mama

    Black Mama, White Mama


    i watched this documentary and they had a segment on this whole “women in prison” genre in the 70’s so i checked this one out. At the start I thought they were gonna just overtly sexualize the women in the film until i remembered this was exploitation era, and then everything happening was a lot less surprising. What I wasn’t expecting tho was the cock rating scene like lol i wonder what creep in a trench coat was getting off to…

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  • Bones



    I’ve been on the hunt for more black horror, faintly remembered this one from my childhood and put it on in honor of Snoop’s birthday 
    honestly the first like 30mins is actually painful and the actors make you want to not, but it slowly takes off and everything just gets like 100x more impressive and near the end it even throws you a few laughs
    I think my favorite thing about this though is Snoop with his hair straightened and…

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    I think I’ll have to rewatch this to write a fitting review because I’m kind of at a loss for words trying to write this
    but I can say there’s something about Yi Yi that resonates deeply with me 
    I think it’s the underlying fear we all carry of leading an unfulfilled life
    hanging on to dear friends, caring for and mourning family members, revisiting old relationships and reflecting on precious memories and people as the years go on 
    this was such a tender look at these elements of life and the shots were gorgeous with amazing pacing throughout 
    also the son:’-)