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  • Hamilton



    Lin-Manuel Miranda would have never been cast as the lead if he didn’t make this. 

    His acting is not great (especially when he tries to cry) and his singing is worse than everyone else on stage (which isn’t saying much because he’s surrounded by some amazing voices). Also we’re supposed to buy him as a sex symbol that every woman wants to get with? Seriously?

    The story itself is whatever. Hamilton is painted as this amazing genius with great work…

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    What a colossal disappointment. How does one go from making Blackklansman, a movie that subtly uses issues and events of the past to comment on our current society, to making a movie that does the same thing except just shoves it down your throat the entire runtime. 

    Everything about this seems so rushed. It’s extremely ugly, it has the cinematography and color palette of a Hangover movie. Every dialogue scene is shot reverse shot until your brain melts. I felt…

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  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


    was a 4 now a 4.5

    might more accurately be a 4.25 but this movie is so fucking fun and has such a special place in my heart, so fuck it. 

    I wrote a quite extensive review on my first watch, so if you want more in depth thoughts check that out. 

    It is quite hard for me to express my love for this movie. The outfits are fucking amazing. The song 9 to 5 is so insanely good.


  • Zombieland



    was a 3.5 now a 3.75/5

    honestly forgot how good this movie is

    great comedy, solid stylization, good emotional moments, and very good gore effects and action 

    quite a lot of fun

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  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times


    this is a higher three and a half than it was last time 

    some pretty beautiful shots 

    what the fuck happened to the bike in the final scene? 

    anyway the main characters have good chemistry. it’s pretty fucked up and also has some good comedic moments

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    quite simply one of the most masterfully crafted movies ever made

    has comedic moments without jeopardizing tension or ruining heartfelt moments, which most English language movies fail at miserably 

    gorgeous cinematography, mind blowing long takes 

    what else is there to say ! amazing !!