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  • Hot Dog... The Movie

    Hot Dog... The Movie


    Was in the mood for an 80s teen sexy comedy! Rented these types of films often as a kid cause...ya know...they're sooo wholesome. This one is new to me but its got that tried and true formula with loads of boobage, hijinks, and alot of skiing...actual skiing.

    Fun slice of cheese and sleaze from the 80s!

  • Bloody Hell

    Bloody Hell


    A seemingly clean cut family full of psychopaths kidnap the wrong guy...and shit hits the fan in this neat horror comedy. The lead and his conscience carry the film. He spends half the damn film hanging in a basement talking to his conscience lol. Still entertaining throughout. The last 20 mins are batty as hell. More comedy than horror with some solid practical gore effects.

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  • Tenet



    Saw so much hate for this one last year so I bypassed seeing it in theaters. The 2 hr 30 min runtime put me off too. Mannnn I should've ignored the haters cause this was dope!

    Yeah it was confusing. Yes the dialogue was too low at times while the action sequences were to loud. But fuck man...those action sequences were beautifully crafted and full of energy! The cinematography was amazing. John David Washington man...dude is legit. Pattinson and Debicki…

  • Keanu



    Watched this again as I needed a good laugh this morning before work. Keanu is silly fun. Cute kitty(I don't even really like cats either lol), Key and Peele being Key and Peele. Some solid action sequences. The Allentown Brothers actually looked scary as hell. I need Peeler to revisit those characters in a horror comedy maybe? Easy comfort flick about a guy who will stop at nothing to get his cat back!