Rent-A-Pal β˜…β˜…β˜…

Rent A Pal is a slowburn horror thriller set in 1990(but looks like the 80s) focusing on a desperate, lonely man looking for a girlfriend through a video dating service(no dating apps back then). His mother has dementia so he spends all his time taking care of her which leaves him no time for a social life. U spend the entirety of the film watching him go through the motions. Very depressing. Very bleak life he leads.

Then he finds a vhs πŸ“Ό called Rent A Pal. Pops it in and and we are introduced to wholesome looking Andy. Dave becomes attached to Andy thinking he is his friend but there is something sinister about him. And slowly but surely Dave finds out Andy isn't exactly a good friend...

A small cast and small budget work well for this film. Helps set the bleak and dreary tone. Great performances from the cast. Each character has his/her flaws and is just trying to find a lil sliver of happiness in a lonely world. Relatable. Decent watch on a cloudy Friday afternoon.

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