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  • Suspiria
  • The Fury

    The Fury

    John Cassavetes: pretty good at being evil. Other than that, I thought this movie was silly, especially the last several shots of the same thing from different angles, and every single one of Kirk Douglas's line deliveries. I take De Palma very seriously, but unfortunately this one had me cracking up as the credits started to roll.

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  • 13 Lakes

    13 Lakes

    there were 13 of them

  • Tootsie



    i thought this movie was going to piss me off at least at some spots by making misogynistic or cissexist jokes and gags, but i was pleasantly surprised. there wasn't even that much gay panic humor. all in all it was just a nice movie about a guy learning that embracing femininity, both within himself and in the outside world, has made him a better man.