Cruella ★★★★

I was really surprised by how much this film managed to accomplish.
For one, it's the only Disney remake I can think of that actually look really nice!
It's well shot, it had a nice punk asthetic going for it and for a movie so focused on fashion luckily most of the outfits are really gorgeous.
It's really funny, I think most people in the theater laughed at almost every joke,
And it's just pure campy fun with just enough emotional bits to keep me interested and both Emmas give great memorable performances.
It could be better,
The music is well chosen and elevates the drama of some scenes but it's just used so extensively you would think half the budget was spent on song licensing., it just takes away from some scenes(the Feeling Good segment really felt like I was watching a commercial). I guess it kinda drags near the end and (spoiler) does the whole fake death thing (which I hate and is a trope I wish would die already) . But it's still legit, definitely worth a watch, I know I will again in the future.
What a good note to start going to actual theaters again on

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