Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street: 1978 ★★

Dammit I wanted to like this SO MUCH! For like the first 30 minutes I really did like it alot more then the first one, the whole summer camp vibe it has going for it I actually really like and the characters are way more engaging generally. I even liked some of the ending with Nick lying about what happened, that was pretty cool. But the writing is just so clumsy I kept thinking about how NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT. No one In this talks or acts like any real teenager I've met(this is a problem at full offense whenever the bully girl just acts like she's Satan or whenever one of the characters just bursts into monolog telling us their tragic backstory and analyzing their own character in the process in situations when it makes absolutely no sense for them to do so).
It also somehow has worst pacing then the first one and just feels like it drags for way too long.
Long story short I just wanted to have fun and I ended up not having much fun

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