Xena202000 has written 8 reviews for films rated during 2021.

  • Young Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein

    I don't get it guys.
    This is so boring and unfunny to me (Outside of a chuckle here and there). I don't get why everyone is praising the comedic timing as I found it to be really off and honestly Wilder's performance here is among the most unwatchable I've seen in a comedy movie ever.
    I also have a huge issue with how the women are written in this film, really just puts a gross vibe all over it that I don't enjoy. I still got respect for Mel Brooks but this was not for me!

  • Annette


    A hard watch for sure. I actually would love to see more films are that comfortable being this weird and creative, but unfortunately not this one.
    I really dislike this cold, purposefully unpleasant tone., the universe this story exists in is simply too cynical and elien for me to relate to it.
    I don't understand why this supremely unfunny comedian and this opera singer are such a hot shot show biz couple, they also sing a whole song about how…

  • Godzilla


    I get and appreciate the cultural context but this is Attack of the Clones levels of boring to me

  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    Sorry I've seen this film when it came out in theaters once and it is like two years later now and it's 2 am but I just remembered this thing existed and tbh what the actual fuck was this movie? Like who in the actual Hollywood film industry let this bad fanatic into theaters

  • Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

    Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

    A genuinely challenging piece of art

  • Love


    "I'm gonna have sex with this minor" *four minute guitar solo*

  • The Kindergarten Teacher

    The Kindergarten Teacher

    This sucks ass lol

  • The Grinch

    The Grinch

    If there was ever a decent movie in there it was obscured by Illumination's signature brand of commercial blandness.
    Believe it or not I actually saw Cats like a week before this and I genuinely enjoyed that more, because this movie is not even bad in a particularly interesting way.