Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

The idea of a new Black Christmas remake didn’t seem all too necessary, but as a fan of April Wolfe’s podcast, the fact that she penned this made me a bit curious. Since its release, this has been torn to pieces over its “woke” feminist angle and admittedly, I’d probably be labeled as an SJW but come on, this film clearly heighents and makes fun of the tumblr-feminism for comedic effect. It’s all just fun. Making this stick out from the darker first film (and tone-deaf second one) this remake goes for comedy, making for a swift fun ride up until the more action-packed home invasion towards the end.

The character-work here isn’t anything great, but Imogen Poots is good as a clear protagonist of the film and the whole cast is carried by a certain energy. The killer-reveal itself is predictable and maybe not very fun, but overall I find this to be some well-shot horror that manages to balance the line and be fun without being ridiculous.


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