Jaws ★★★★★

“I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a man who's lining up to be a hot lunch”

Yesterday, I saw Jaws for the umptieth time and it struck me that it was not only a perfect movie, but also a perfect viewing.

I don't exactly know why, but to watch Steven Spielberg's breakthrough yesterday was such a perfect fit. The pleasant breeze of the summer have just started to crawl in and the last few days have meant the premiere for balcony-visits in my apartment. An apartment that I really, really feel at home in after two months of living there with my significant other, making yesterday such a cozy day. It's not only my home that now feels familiar, but Jaws does so as well, after seeing it more times than I can ever recall. Because of this, I know the film in-and-out which makes it ideal to watch and just flow with the pleasant pace as I'm still able to do some other things. Because yes, I'm one of those persons. I regularly watch films as I'm doing the dishes for example and depending on the task and movie I'm not against multi-tasking to some extent to try and use my time effectively and with some everyday paper-works and scheduling yesterday, Jaws was a perfect watch.

Not only that however, because as I mentioned; I think this is a pretty perfect movie. The straight simplicity of the premise is greatly utilized by Spielberg as he can focus on the different characters and bring us a good variety of scenes both building things up (Robert Shaw's introduction!) and create tension (the John Williams-queue!) in a splendid combination. Lifting its sub-genre from the creature-features, Jaws still steers away from ever feeling exploitative as time is really spent on the tragedy smashing down amongst the characters and Spielberg does wonders in creating dynamics between these characters - especially in the outstanding boat-segments. I just love everything with this film; the actors, the subtle bonding between characters, the look of it and the combination of scares effective in their scarceness and action-scenes accompanied by William's score. It's just world-class cinema and a classic for the ages.

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