Rear Window ★★★★½

“Mind if I use that portable keyhole?”

Despite being a one-location feature, Rear Window truly invites the viewer to an entire world. With the point of view of James Stewart stuck in his bedroom, we see the fascinating neighbourhood come to life like an entire little suburbia. With the focus fully on Stewart we're invited to his world throughout the entire film (even as he's being kind of a dick to his lovely girlfriend Grace Kelly) and this sharp spotlight does so much for the film.

With this limited space, Alfred Hitchcock does incredible jobs with the design. The entire little neighbourhood looks amazing and through its simple setup, the film can spend all its time building on it with the visuals, music and great characters. Any issues? Eh, maybe the romantic chemistry between Stewart and Kelly wasn't a hundred percent throughout, but that's basically the only lil' nitpick I can find in an otherwise justified iconic thriller.

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