Suicide Squad ★★

“We’re bad guys, it’s what we do”

There’s few films as bad as Suicide Squad that has still managed to fulfill all my expectations of it. Right from the opening with all the horrendous dialogue, it’s clear that David Ayer’s first superhero film constipatedly tries to shit out as much cool stuff as possible. When it comes to introducing its gang of baddies, it rushes through them in a montage that whilst cool-looking brings no depth whatsoever. Suicide Squad wants so much, but does so little to ever develop any characters nor story – or bring any emotions to it.

Some characters does stick out however, I found the relationship between June (Cara Delevingne) and Rick (Joel Kinnaman) to be pretty sweet and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is the coolest of the bunch. Acting is passable, but not much else is built in terms of characters and the villain of the film gets zero build-up whatsoever. Then there’s of course The Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margo Robbie), the power-couple in center of attention. And they’re… Eh? I do like Joker as a character, with his menacing craziness, but Leto’s performance is hit’n’miss. Robbie is superb as Harley and steals the entire show with her crazy performance. No shadow to fall on her – but it’s quite tragic how hard the film sexualizes Harley and refuses to dig into the darker aspect of her love of “Mr. J”

So, the characters are pretty bad, what else? Well, the look of the film really isn’t very impressive. Set to the albums Cool Electronic and Hip-Hop Tracks Right Now and Those Over-Played Rock Songs Your Dad Likes, the film throws spectacle at the screen in the desperate attempt to make something of it stick. The action-scenes aren’t anything unique and especially not in the way they’re shot – but for sheer crazy spectacle it’s still enjoyable.

Which is telling for this entire film. Sure, Suicide Squad has a bad villain, doesn’t care about its characters (even if I like the way the film seamlessly fits into the universe and other films) and tries way too hard with everything. But for as much of a mess this is, I still love it. It’s hugely entertaining action and its energy is hard to ignore.

Suicide Squad is like one of those kids on the schoolyard that just tries way too hard to be really, really cool and hip – failing, but just so darn adorable in its attempts that I just have to love it.

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