Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

Okay this has some of the best zombie carnage from both humans killing zombies and zombies devouring humans I've seen in a while. There are two outstanding sequences of zombie killing. One about an hour into the movie and the last act has some great zombie carnage as well. The problem with this movie, and in Snyder's other zombie film is the characterization and themes. While I liked Dave Bautista and his daughter's character I didn't necessarily love them or feel for them at the end. Snyder has always struggled with the human element in his movies and he nailed it with his Justice League cut but doesn't quite get it with this. I enjoyed the heist aspect of the movie. I also liked the alpha zombies, something that I thought might have been influenced by Land of the Dead. I thought there was way more potential for stronger themes. I thought the idea of a city having to be quarantined was very timely in the covid era but it doesn't really go anywhere. This movie almost feels like Suicide Squad with how unnecessary the setup feels. I actually liked how much Snyder borrowed from the plot of Aliens. Mainly because I love Aliens so much. But if you're an Aliens fan you'd see how much Snyder takes from it. The main reason why I can't give this a higher rating is because of how superfluous some stuff feels. Besides Dawn of the Dead, all of Romero's zombie films are under two hours. No reason why this shouldn't have been also. The zombie scenes are going to be infinitely rewatchable.

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