BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

When it's good, it's very good. The Kwame speech, cut with his admirers shown in close-ups with an all black background, is quite powerful. The subsequent disco scene features some great music and is a ton of fun (I always appreciate a well-done bar/club scene). Best part might be the cross-cutting of a KKK initiation with a black student union meeting. Specifically, seeing racists watch Birth of a Nation and young black people listen to an older black man recalling a horrific tragedy makes for a poignant and provocative juxtaposition, highlighting our country's very complicated relationship with history.

The second and third acts do drag at times, and Spike, who's rarely one for subtlety, can't help himself with an unnecessary epilogue featuring Charlottesville footage. I think the parrallel between the film and that incident was quite apparent throughtout, so the clips feel especially heavy-handed. Plus, the movie could have ended in the hallway, with one of Spike Lee's trademark dolly shots. Seemed much more fitting. Anyways, this is entertaining and (unfortunately) relevant stuff.