Before Sunset ★★★½

“Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.”

A sequel that I enjoyed more then the original, Before Sunset. This movie definitely strips away the fantastical elements of the romance to make this film feel more grounded. Jesse and Celine never met up so after 9 years they run into eachother in Paris. What made this better is definitely the time gap. Hawke and Deply didn’t just mature as actors, Jesse and Celine the characters mature as well. They are less hopeful in life and it really shows because they argue much more in this movie. Also, the dialogue was much more engaging here in my opinion. I think that arguing in romance films is much more compelling than always getting along. Finally, the runtime my goodness was perfect. Everything went by so fast and the character development is on point for 80 mins. Just like with the first I really respect this movie and I did enjoy this one more but I don’t really see myself going back to revisit these films. Still this was an absolutely fantastic movie that has one of the most realistic scripts I’ve seen.

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