Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles ★★★★★

“Piss on you! I’m working for Mel Brooks!” ⭐️

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Blazing Saddles is a film I’ve always wanted to review because it really is a comedy that is an absolute masterpiece. Many people say this couldn’t be made today which is definitely true but I think the way it shows racism is through a bunch of ridiculous idiots not in a mean spirited way. Some might not really like this film which is fine, but it is the rare movie that every joke lands in my opinion.

When Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor wrote this script they honestly never wasted a single moment or line. There is a joke every thirty seconds almost to the point that if you look away you’ll miss gold right in-front of you. Rewatching it today I released how much I’ve missed over the years watching this movie, and I have seen it 30 plus times. One certain sequence towards the last 20 minutes is without a doubt the funniest scene in any movie. So much is just thrown at you and it actually works for me. Rules of storytelling can get broken due to this world being so meta. They break the fourth wall better than Deadpool and better than Ferris Bueller it is absolute astounding. 

Another aspect of this film that really works are the performances from Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder of course did more iconic films but Cleavon Little really did nothing else. He is perfect in this lead role as he is so cool, sly, and always on top of each situation. His friendship with Gene Wilder is actually pretty understated, in all of the madness it really feels believable to me. Wilder and Little are awesome but Harvey Korman may steal the show. The villain Headley Lamar is outstanding and just a ton of fun. He really never does anything that evil so you can enjoy his character without you wanting to see him get taken out. Just so many lines from all these actors are perfect, they were so well handled with Mel Brooks behind the camera. Even more of the side roles are memorable like Madeline Kahn as this actress and Slim Pickens as the most over the top rude cowboy ever.

Blazing Saddles will remain a classic for me personally just as it’s cinema I won’t let the jokes offend me. It could offend some of you guys but it’s just a movie meant to entertain people. I really have no issues with this one because the characters, the writing, and story never get old. This is my favorite movie of the 1970s and it is the movie I have revisited the most times in my life.

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