What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows ★★★½

“Leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!” 👍🏼

What We Do in the Shadows was a very entertaining comedy. Taika Waititi just has a very unique sense of humor that tends to work for me. The first thirty minutes of this movie were absolute gold. I found it extremely clever especially how they played on the familiar vampire tropes. That is really my main gripe with the film due to the rest of it not being as awesome but still it really was cool. I liked how it was filmed in documentary style to try to keep everything serious. A lot of humor is born from characters taking life so seriously even though the audience knows they are incredibly dumb.

Waititi’s main issue is balancing his films humor with the other ideas running through it. In Ragnarok it’s humor vs. epic drama, in Jojo Rabbit it’s humor vs. WWll reality, and here it’s humor vs. quirkiness. Sometimes the comedy would stray into weirdness and it wasn’t necessarily funny. That’s just my opinion, it might all work for you. I don’t find this to be a top tier horror comedy as aspects didn’t work but overall it’s to the point and fun.

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