Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★½

I just needed some light entertainment tonight and this fit the bill fine. It’s very much in the aesthetic of an extended video game cut scene—I was able to sit back snd enjoy the show (while also getting work done).

Milla Jovovich is really great, and, although the effect is overused, I can’t get enough of those shots that zoom in shakily on her face. Ron Perlman is underutilized, but his presence is always welcome. The monsters look fine because the film never attempts to create a reality beyond a video game reel. In fact, the entire premise of falling into another world during the chaos of a sandstorm gives it a very dreamlike quality in terms of plot—there’s no need to wrap up loose ends because it’s all just an action-packed adventure. They even toss in a random extra scene during the credits because why not?

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