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  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In

    forcefem sissy hypno ????

  • The Eyes of My Mother

    The Eyes of My Mother

    surprised this is made by the same guy who did the grudge remake, because this has a few great scenes and the grudge remake is literally unwatchable

  • The Others

    The Others

    this feels like a BBC made for TV movie released on some dreary Christmas in the early eighties

  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I first saw this movie as a child, and I mentally filed it as one of those fuzzy memories that no one ever seems to share- more likely a dream that I mixed up with real life.

    Rediscovering it as an adult is wonderful. Jodie Foster's performance, especially for her age, is remarkably gritty. She grounds Rynn in reality, only for that reality to be subverted by the uncanny nature of her situation. Martin Sheen is almost unbearably creepy, he's…

  • Joshua


    I went into this movie expecting something dumb and schlocky, and got the exact opposite. The script creates a really engaging and tense family dynamic, further amplified by Vera Farmiga and Sam Rockwell's compelling performances. And aside from the antagonizing little boy, this is one of the most realistic and darkly funny portrayals of marriage and parenthood I've seen, and easily the best portrayal I've seen of postpartum depression. This isn't horror, it's a drama that stressed me out to the extreme.

  • Melancholia


    I respect Kirsten Dunst's fat tits.

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain

    Head empty, no thoughts. Jesus has a knife and the lizard is wearing a sombrero.

  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder

    This film shaped western psychological horror, but instead of analyzing that I will simply say that Elizabeth Pena was really fucking hot in the nineties.

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    The only disturbing part of this Salo is the shit eating, you guys are just wimps. I actually just rewatched it because I'm waiting for someone to write an essay comparing the Epstein scandal to this film.

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue

    It's Black Swan better executed, a pop culture exploration of patriarchal violence and contemporary fame. It's a battle between reality and the idealized self, between adolescence and sexualization, that's still painfully relevant.

  • House


    It's an unhinged technicolor farce of dream and nightmare, while also mocking post World War II conservatism and traditional coming-of-age stories. I want to live in an acid trip where teenage girls can be eaten by pianos.

  • FairyTale: A True Story

    FairyTale: A True Story

    very underrated kids movie