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    disclaimer: i never watched this movie and never will :)

    this movie is ableist and exploitative, and it is filled with nothing but hatred, ignorance, nepotism, and violence toward the autistic community via its neurotypical casting decisions and collaboration with hate organization autism speaks. promoting eugenics through assigning videos recorded by abusive parents of their autistic children undergoing meltdowns for the cast to study AND violent restraining tactics that are known to have caused positional asphyxiation…

  • Underground


    writing this review so that nobody ever has to waste their time like i did a few months back watching this reprehensible, Serbian nationalist garbage. underground was produced at the height of the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 during the largest genocide since WWII. it is absurd and sickening that Cannes gave this a Palme D’Or.

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  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail


    Watched the new 4K restoration. Beau Travail perfectly depicts the corporeal deconstruction of masculinity through meticulous motion and envy as a root of destruction. Utterly breathtaking cinematography and some of the best beginning and ending scenes I have ever seen in film.

    Upon rewatch I will have much more to say, but I was deeply inspired by the techniques and themes Denis explored here. The scenes in which Galoup and his girlfriend went dancing and the solo acrobatic/mechanical dance scene in…

  • Shopping



    love how this cyberpunk flick was stylized & how well the setting was established. this could’ve been a masterpiece if it weren’t for the surface level plot & underdeveloped script... or maybe if they just played the whole Orbital track in one go instead of incongruent fragments. if you’re into this, I’d recommend New Rose Hotel instead — it’s much more fun & worthwhile