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  • The Tree of Life
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  • First Man

    First Man


    A remarkable exhibition of the power of restraint. Chazelle shows extreme confidence to unabashedly put to the side so many aspects of the space race, not withstanding political sentiments, in service of studying Armstrong. Anything that was background noise for Armstrong, was background noise in the film. This constant focus on the protagonist makes Gosling's performance all the more impressive, as he becomes a vehicle for the exploration of grief and loneliness, and the subsequent distance it causes in a…

  • 1917



    The best technical achievement of the year, although there is a genuine attempt at emotional connection and catharsis, contrasting it nicely to Dunkirk's experimental situational anonymity. Although there's no doubt Dunkirk hangs over the film - you can almost feel Deakins, Mendes and Newman all restraining themselves from replication.

    Mendes' direction is really solid and the two leads are pretty exceptional, but frankly the film is Deakins'. From the first frame to the last, his stamp is all over it.…

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  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Dragged Across Concrete finds Zahler's signature brutalistic world view, although with his third venture, his experience is proving to only improve his work with his latest film being his most technically proficient.

    Tarantino-like in the intertwining of various characters, Zahler's style remains his own with the sense of patience he shows between violent outbursts. At close to 3 hours, there are no throw away lines in the film, with Zahler writing every word like it's his last. The slow burn…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Ad Astra has a lot going for it; stellar visuals, engaging set pieces and a great leading performance by Brad Pitt, however, considering all the cries of masterpiece perhaps affecting expectations, the film has an issue in its obsession of the thematic at the expense of the narrative.

    The film is indebted to a laundry list of films, from 2001, Interstellar (inevitably due to the mutual cinematographer) to The Tree of Life. Narration is used throughout the film to directly…