Columbus ★★★★

Like whispering quietly into a rainstorm. Profoundly understated, Columbus in an exercise in finding joy in the mundane, in loving and understanding where you come from, in the multitude of small, gentle ways that we form the fabric of our being alongside one another. Kogonada's camerawork beautifully urges the viewer to examine how inanimate architecture can heal and transform us. The buildings feel like modern monasteries, temples to 20th-century peace and understanding. I love the film’s suggestion that buildings created years ago can resemble and predict the structures of love, grief and longing for a teenage woman, and by extension, the stranger who grows to love her. Columbus crashes over the viewer like a wave- I for one feel different, like the atoms that make up my being have shifted, ever so slightly. 

I'm also going to be thinking about Casey for a long, long time- a huge thank you to Kogonada for plugging deep into the depths of her love for architecture and her connection to her mother without ever sacrificing her agency. I've been hanging on by my fingertips in my own life recently, but for a moment, watching this, I was at peace. And that is more than enough from someone who owes me nothing.

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