• The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Definitely one of my top 25 favorite entries in the MCU

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    You know what movie I just watched for film class? Not this! Because my professor had the bright idea of editing this 2 and a half hour film into 45 minutes because, according to him, "modern audiences would get bored with the 60s effects" and "the visuals only seemed amazing at the time because everyone was on drugs." It sure would be nice if my film professor knew shit about film. Ugh, this shit is why I'm transferring.

  • Bath Tub

    Bath Tub


    Excuse me?

  • Roommates



  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    Feels even more generic and pointless than the first one. Probably has the lowest stakes of any Marvel film. The whole central conflict literally could have been avoided if the characters had just talked to each other a little more. All this does is make me more pissed at Disney for fucking over Edgar Wright because he actually wanted to put some personality into it. It’s not like this is the absolute worst thing I’ve seen and I can at least see what’s going on, plus some of the VFX in the quantum realm are somewhat creative, but come on, this whole movie is just filler.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    I’ve found it. The definition of an average movie.

  • WandaVision



    started out surprisingly promising but then they just had to marvel it up didn’t they lmao

  • Winter's Tale

    Winter's Tale

    Will Smith Genie is just Will Smith Satan in his prime. Aladdin 2019 is a prequel to Winter’s Tale.

  • Nomadland



    I think this would have made a really good short. This film has an empathetic outlook and a vague sense of pathos, but its effects were muted for me due to the film really only scratching the surface of what it was trying to be. Sometimes it wanted to be a cerebral experience about the wonders of nature, sometimes a critique on America’s capitalistic economy.

    It’s genuinely impressive how authentic and subtle the performances and dialogue are, and the way…

  • Red Post on Escher Street

    Red Post on Escher Street


    I can’t explain everything that’s amazing about this movie in a review, but just know that the way Sion Sono mastered control over a ridiculous amount of actors and storylines led to a beautifully insightful examination of what it means to be an artist and a human being. We are all leads or extras in our tiny points of existence and we’re all ultimately fucked over by corporate interference and the fickle bitch that is life. FACE UP TO THE REALITY OF LIFE AS AN EXTRA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Labyrinth of Cinema

    Labyrinth of Cinema


    I thought of writing an long-ish review for this but I really don’t know how to formulate all my thoughts coherently right now so I’ll just say that this is a hella unique and striking statement to the evil of war and the power of cinema. At first I thought the style was overkill and dizzying. It seemed like a clusterfuck of random ideas, but as the film progressed, it’s non-linear and surreal presentation grabbed hold of my empathy and…

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    A thought-provoking examination not only of grief, but of self-destruction. Pieces of a Woman begins at the crux of a couple's chaotic attempt at home birth. We see both Martha's immense physical pain and the emotional torment of the couple as their panic escalates. Although the smooth cinematography throughout this sequence is exceptional, the raw emotion of the performances is what stands out above all else. We go from anger to levity, childlike wonder to terrified heartache. There are no…