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  • Boat


    "we’re gonna try to go fast enough to go into the night."
    "it worked"

  • Oh, Moon!

    Oh, Moon!


    Quite an ambitious debut from Erdem which features an eerie atmosphere akin to Eyes Without a Face and The Face of Another, though Erdem's feature somehow feels lighter in its mood in comparison to those two despite the fact that it still deals with a heavy theme. Yekta seems to be in denial about her mother and since we never really see her in a depressed state - she is mostly angry because of her aunts' demands -, we can…

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  • Céline and Julie Go Boating

    Céline and Julie Go Boating


    Even though the real genius of the film starts to come to light during the second half, I find myself appreciating the first half more and more with each watch. The metacommentary in the second half would feel lacking without Céline and Julie's playfulness and the film's carefree mood which it builds in the first hour. In this sense, the runtime is justified and every second is completely necessary. The first half is what makes the film: where its soul…

  • Tenet


    It’s just one tiring scene after another. First, you have to keep up with some lifeless dialogue explaining what’s happening then some guns are drawn and then an explosion goes off all the while the soundtrack is torturing your ears. This cycle is repeated for the entirety of the film’s duration. There is no breathing room at all. No time to get invested in the characters, no time to even care about what is happening... A soulless film and a very frustrating experience.