Terminator Genisys ★★★

The greatest sin in Terminator Genisys is not the god-awful title. It's not allowing Jai Courtney to continue his acting career even after a disaster like A Good Day To Die Hard. It's not Emilia Clarke either, who will always have my deepest love no matter how cringe-inducing her lines can get sometimes. It's not the fact that they tried to fool everyone by crediting Hans Zimmer as "executive music producer". (Whatever, man.) It's not the soulless plot, nor is it the extremely cliched Hollywood ending.

It's casting Lee Byung fuckin' Hun as a terminator, and not let him do anything except getting shot at like a bitch.

Seriously, how insulting is that? It's like having Morgan Freeman flipping burgers in the background, or Tom Cruise as a cab driver with zero lines. How do you un-badass-ify a natural born badass? Is it raw instinctive talent or do you take classes? Lame villains 101?

U N F O R G I V A B L E.

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