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  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland


    this is not something they just fucking made this is some professional like this shit is in different areas what the fuck this ain’t no homemade shit 

    NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHEN IT RELEASES ON BLURAY IM GONNA WATCH THIS SHIT RELIGIOUSLY!!!! sion sono is so fucking amazing, and nick cage was damn sexy...... prisoners of the ghostland exceeded my expectations and went beyond them!!!!

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  • Night Shifts

    Night Shifts


    electric chair for everyone involved!

  • Ritual



    for as long as i can remember, i find it hard accepting the fact i’m lonely. it scares me. 
    i keep trying to find distractions, whether it’s constantly checking all of my social apps, randomly calling and chatting with people i haven’t spoken to in weeks, or even constantly consuming different kinds of media. i don’t want to face it, i don’t want to face the fact i am just a tiny little fraction in a world so big it’s…

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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    Emma Seligman’s Shiva Baby is like if josh and benny safdie made a jewish lady bird... so of course i loved it!

  • PVT Chat

    PVT Chat


    Ben hozie’s PVT Chat is a deeply unsettling film about the intertwining of two characters, a man and a woman, and their seemingly meaningless online cam sessions. As the film goes on, the duo’s affect on each other’s lives becomes more and more irreversible. The way the camera fixates on Jack, thoroughly following his every move is disturbing and moving. Peter Vack impeccably portrays this unemployed creep doing weird stuff online - he’s perfect for this role. So while being…