2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

"A film is-or should be-more like music than fiction.It should be a progression of moods and feelings.The theme,what's behind the emotion,the meaning,all that comes later."
-Stanley Kubrick

I saw Stanley Kubrick's 2001 a space odyssey last September when it was celebrating it's 50th anniversary.I went in that small theater not knowing what to expect and came out having my mind completely & utterly blown.It was truly an once in a lifetime experience.

Ever since then the film hasn't left my mind.Wether it's the music or certain scenes,I keep coming back to it every single day.But as my love for it grew so did my fear that the film won't work on rewatch.Like I said my first time watch was an incredibly unique once in a lifetime experience that can't easily be duplicated.And watching it in cinemas was a big factor of why I love it.In the theater the film has 110% of your attention,there are no distractions.Will it have the same effect on a plain ol'TV?

The short answer is:YES!!YES IT CAN!I went in this time with every intension of trying to analyse it and Maybe just maybe figure out what that insane ending meant.But I couldn't.I was just as engrossed as the first time.Anyways whatever the film wants to say,that's not why I love it.I love it because it hypnotizes me and actually transports me to space.Even after the film has finished,I still feel strange.My room feels different,my body feels lighter,I can't think straight.2001 is the ultimate escapism film as apart from being food for the brain with all its allegories and the mystery sorrounding its plot,it demands all of your attention thus making you forget any of your problems.

The Stargate Sequence is my favorite scene in not just film but in the entirety of fiction.Kubrick here tries to show something that is way beyond our ability to comprehend.The depths of space are not known to any man so it would be silly of him to try and explain what lies there.Instead of that,however,Kubrick presents us with some abstract images accompanied only by even more mysterious pieces of music.What I love about it is that everyone can interpret it differently,some may find it beautiful while others may find it scary.But that scene wouldn't work without Kubrick's marvellous directing or the everything that comes before it.I have tried watching it on YouTube but it simlply doesn't work.It only works as a part of the film.

Some people may judge this movie for the emotionless and lifeless characters it has,other than HAL obviously.But that's one of my favorite aspects of it.Would it make a difference if Cary Grant or Marlon Brando or the friggin Terminator were cast?Sure the scenes prior to the stargate would have a different feel to them but at the end of the day we all would have the same reaction Dave had.We are not ready for it and we cannot understand it so our minds would collapse.That's why the characters of 2001 are used more as objects to tell the story than actual people.

HAL 9000 is one of the best antagonists in cinema.In some ways he is more human than all the humans present.We have created something that not only can make logical assumptions much faster than us but it can also feel just like us.This film was way ahead of its time not only due to the outstanding photography and VFX,that looks much better today than Star Wars or Alien,but also because of the way Kubrick viewed technology.That was in a time where even tho techonology was evolving rapidly,humans were not as dependent on it as much as they are today.Makes you think what kind of a masterpiece he would pull if he was alive today.

No film is flawless.But for me 2001 is way more than a simple film,it's an experience.And I have to say that for me it is flawless.It is the sole vision of a mastermind that does not try to force his opinion onto you but instead only gives you the clues and lets you figure it out yourself.No matter how many analysis essays I read,i will never truly be satsfied until i actually sit down and analyse it for myself.

Love it or Hate it,there is no denying that 2001 a space odyssey is Timeless and will continue to polarize viewers as long as they are willing to take "The ultimate trip".Maybe in 20 years Virtual Techonology will have taken over and people won't care for cinema as much anymore.However,no matter how different the world may be,I can still see myself sitting down and letting my mind travel to the depths of Infinite & Beyond.
Thank You Stanley,May you rest in peace.

Thanks for reading! :D

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