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Characters not being able to confront their past mistakes and letting them define who they are is basically Chris Nolan's filmography leading up to Inception in a nutshell.In MEMENTO a man is quite literally unable to make any new experiences and is stuck in an endless ghost chase.In The PRESTIGE Hugh Jackman Blames himself for his wife's accident.And of course in BATMAN BEGINS,Bruce has not come to terms with his parents murder even after he becomes an adult.I dont fully remember INSOMNIA cause it's a forgettable film but I'm fairly sure Al is guilt-strucken there as well.Anyways,you get my point.

But in Inception for the first time you have a protagonist willing to deal with his guilt face to face and move on for the sake of starting a new life with his children.Cobb could've easily found himself in a similar memento loop as Guy Pearce choosing to live with the ghost of his wife but instead chooces to let her go and finally admit and accept it was his fault she died(something he was clearly in denial with up to that point).Only by accepting and letting go of our past errors do we open ourselve up to exciting future possibilities instead of spending our precious time on earth re-living old memories that will never be prove to be anything like the original experience.Granted,it's been done before but I can't think of a film that says it as elegantly as Inception.

The first time I saw Inception was on a tablet(something that would've sure given Chris a heart attack)before quickly realising I was an idiot for watching it on a tablet screen and finished the rest on Television.The second time(on a much bigger TV)I enjoyed it slightly more although still struggled to give it full marks cause of the 'lack of characterization'.So for me it was always an ambitious plot over character film that could've spent a little longer on character development and a little less on exposition.Well,that all changed with my last viewing cause Holy Crap is Inception a whole other beast in cinemas.

One of the main reasons why I love the cinematic experience so much is beause of how immersive it is,not letting you to drift away in thoughts or be distracted by objects(provided that the film is doing its job).Now,Say what you will about Mr.Nolan,I myself have only recently been converted into a big fan,the man makes movies for the capitcal C Cinema.Everything from the loud sound effects to the visuals to the set pieces to Zimmer's breathtaking soundtrack is there to fully immerse you into the world of dreams Nolan and co. have created and give you an experience to remember.

As for the lack of intresting characters while i won't argue all the team members are developed(they are well acted tho),they don't have to as Cobb is the man who drives the story and this time around I really did have an emotional investment in his story.Leonardo Dicaprio's impeccable performance also goes a long way.

I've spent a lot of time disliking Nolan's tendacy to take spectacle over meaning,even going as far as to dislike him a few years back,but a couple of years & rewatches later Im slowly getting on board on the hype train.While it's true he values spectacle over anything else(probably the main reason he has become THE Brand-esque director of Hollywood),it would be untrue to say most of his films lack meaning or aren't expertly crafted.Plus no one can deny the man's uniqueness when it comes to storytelling,both in the content of the story and how that story is told.The extreme fanboys can be annoying for sure,I'm not the first to admit that,I can't help but respect the man who is responsible for getting a good chunk of my generation intrested in cinema.
Bring on Tenet,I'm ready!!!

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