The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

The favourite pulls through the enormous task of making a film that is accesible enough for the academy and casual moviegoers while also keeping Lanthimos' unique and weird directorial style that made him popular with cinephiles.
It's great,it's really great and imo it shines in 2 categories directing and acting.
I have only seen the lobster from my greek boy Yorgos and although his direction was pretty good,I found the story to be so disgusting that I couldn't enjoy the film all that much,it was good but not for me.
This time I like the story so I can pay attention to his direction easier.I think far surpassed the lobster here in every way imaginable and the direction is no exception.I liked the fish eye shots too haha

The other category this film shines is acting as evidence by all three of its main actresses receiving an oscar nomination with Olivia Colman actually winning a best actress oscar!While I thought all three were spectacular,for me the one most deserving of an academy award is Rachel Weiz who delivers a truly menacing performance.

Also shoutout to Emma stone for being involved in a masterpiece every 2 years since 2014(Birdman,La La land and now this).If she continues like this,in 10 years she will be one of the all time greats.

I saw this film in cinema about 2 weeks ago but didn't review it cause I don't think I can do this movie justice.While I haven't seen all the big 2018 releases(hereditary/first reformed/spider-verse/a star is born),I truly believe this is the best film of the year,one of the best films from the 2010s and the film I would give the best picture to if I was the academy.

Excited to see what Lanthimos and emma will do next :D
Recommended to everyone

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