Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

Fantasy. Mexico City to the countryside; a trip to nowhere. It begins as trip of lust, loss and regret, but ultimately ends as a trip to the very corners of the Earth. Lust develops into love; not necessarily a love to last forever but a love of the experience and memories that were to last forever. These memories now drift along like the waves in the ocean, and every now and then they land on the shore, dissolving into the ever so soft sand of the remote beaches of Mexico. What once was, and never will be again.

"You have to make the clitoris your best friend."

And such is one of the lessons that Luisa taught the boys. It starts off as a horny fantasy - dreamt up by teenage boys filled with unimaginable lust; their uncontrollable raging hormones seems to cause them to froth at any sight of an attractive woman. The lust grows as the trip begins, expanding at an ever increasing rate. But only as the trip starts to linger, the cracks start to form; nothing is as perfect as it seems. We witness lies and deceit, jealousy and betrayal all masked and hidden under the rowdy and wild portrayal of sex in Y tu mamá también. And as the tension reaches a high, everything seems to come crashing down, and we start off at the beginning again. But this time, it's different.

"Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea."

From now on, we witness life. A pure form; uneventful, but blissful. Lessons learnt, friendships rekindled and love reunited under the gleaming sunlight and on the sandy beaches. The narrator speaks like God from above, predicting and foretelling everything that is to come. And as we leave the sandy beaches and go back to the bustling city, we don't leave empty handed; we leave with the unforgettable, serene memories of that time of life, forever to be engrained the hearts and minds of all of us - Luisa, Tenoch, Julio, and us. When Julio and Tenoch return home, they're no longer the same as they left, but does that matter? We move on, going our seperate ways. Friends and lovers drift apart, and new ones emerge. And although life continues to move forward and the past friendship continues to dwindle by every passing day, the memories of those few days and nights now exist forever. I mean, how are they supposed to forget?

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