Filled with a hoarse breath from her sick mother inside of her head and her beliefs, Suzie knows her destiny. it is predestined and she accepts it because she knows who she really is. to have the notion that her birth was a disgrace to her family and her own mother calls her a sin is something more than disturbing and through it we feel how dense and sad this narrative really is. the presence of the characters is so nauseating and surrounding, the desaturated atmosphere of the rainy Berlin, the editing that focuses on the most minutious details of each frame. layers and layers of darkness and incantation, telling us that everything in that space is important. manipulation and worship make everyone blind to a certain point. even when we have doubts and here this was enlightened brutally. our hands are one of the most important parts of our body, we touch and feel everything around us, ourselves and others and the presence of something to be noticed is also a very misleading perspective. as much as something can be in front of you between your eyes forces may be acting upon us every minute. an inner voice telling you that there is something wrong or even your insightful perception. there are so many omens that have moved me in this story that is too difficult to comment on them without reminding me of every second of such act. from birth to rebirth, anointed with a bloodbath the memories of these scenes and the reflection of this work in a whole for me was one of the most remarkable things that i have ever experienced. Alex Garland vision of Annihilation can be compared to Luca vision of Suspiria (77) because this is definitely not a remake but a personal re-interpretation.

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