Edge of Tomorrow ★★★½

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I gotta admit, the first time I saw a trailer for Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow I thought it would suck. It looked like another in a long line of heavy special effects films with little to no plot. I figured it would be just another Tom Cruise film where he runs way too much and does things it's just not believable he can do at his age. I also thought Emily Blunt (who I really like) looked really out of place. It's funny though, in ways all of those things are true, but Liman makes it work.

Edge of Tomorrow is an action sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The tagline Live.Die.Repeat can be taken literally as they repeat the same day over and over again in an attempt to stop the highly advanced alien invaders called Mimics.

As I watched this film, I couldn't help but think it felt like a mix of Groundhog Day and Source Code. It also felt very much like a video game which was one of my worries going in. That worked itself out though because while it was like a video game it was like a really good game, one I'd like to play. In fact I actually think the story would work even better as a game than it did as a movie. It was funny, I kept thinking of the game Dark Souls, not because the storyline is similar or anything, but because of the whole Live.Die.Repeat thing. Much like in that game that happens a lot in Edge of Tomorrow. The good thing is, Liman handles that aspect in a way that doesn't make things get too repetive. Subtle changes early on as Cage (Tom Cruise) repeats the day keep it fresh and interesting. There was actually more depth to the plot than I was expecting which was a nice surprise, and enough to the two main characters that they didn't feel empty. I would of liked a little more development for the Mimics, but I was fine with what was given.

Emily Blunt didn't come across as out of place as I thought she would and I enjoyed her performance. Cruise really just does what Tom Cruise does, but like it has for most of his career, it works here. Despite his age and unfortunate height, he manages to run and jump his way to an entertaining performance.

Overall Edge of Tomorrow was definitely a surprise. Anytime I expect a film to be shit and I end up enjoying it it's a surprise. The video game look and feel was not the detriment I felt it would be, and it's just a really fun, entertaining film.

Ron't recommendation: See it.

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