The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

The Favourite, being a work from Yorgos Lanthimos is a delightfully self-aware examination of power dynamics that uses its comedic levity and stellar performances to immerse and entertain, it never losing its charm and sense of focus. The camerawork and even some of the score is deceptively disorientating, working very well with what is presented thematically as motivations and allegiances alike blur into an indistinguishable blackness.

The Favourite is oddly lighthearted despite its dark subject matter and adult themes of loss and adultery but it never feels out of place, it only going on to enhance the mood. The film is shot as impeccably as it is cast with the set and costume designs harkening back to films such as Barry Lyndon and Marie Antoinette. Despite this, The Favourite is its own being with its own identity full of claustrophobia-inducing wide lenses and prancing rabbits.

The Favourite is just so confidently put together that it is hard not to admire everything about it. This is definitely a film that only someone like Lanthimos could make incredibly entertaining while keeping its own integrity and sense of purpose intact.

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