Four Weddings and a Funeral β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…


It’s always been you. Since first we met so many years ago. I knew the first moment. Across a crowded room. A lawn, in fact. Doesn’t matter. Nothing either of us can do on this one. Such is life. Friends isn’t bad, you know. Friends is quite something.

back with my boy, hugh grant himself! and you babes will have to excuse me for using a quote that... you know.. well, you know. i just loved it so much, that entire scene is probably one of my favorites out of the whole movie. the way he places his hand on hers after, the tenderness in their gazes ?? i've seen true love - and now i'm heart broken, somehow.

there's some amazing scenes in this, it's almost incredible to think that they all come from the same thing and aren't from different movies. the funeral poem is absolutely stunning, no words of mine will ever do it justice; anything fifi said is iconic (from now on, i shall be all the colours of the rainbow); the lovely lady i can't remember the name of signing that it'd be 'mice' to dance with charles' brother.

honestly, there's just so much love! i wasn't particularly into the Main Romance, but of course charles (or maybe just a love struck hugh grant wearing glasses with that hair of his) stole my heart. even carrie is a nice character, honestly? most characters featured are really well written, as is the chemistry among all of them, you can feel the friendship, the care, the love (platonic, romantic, familial idc! all the love!) that they feel for each other.

A toast before we go into battle. True love. In whatever shape or form it may come. May we all in our dotage be proud to say, 'I was adored once too'.

i wish i had payed more attention at the start, i'll admit after the first maybe fifteen or twenty minutes i got distracted a little bit but it's a testament to the movie itself that i'm still giving it four stars even if -for a moment there- i was only paying half of my attention to it.

also, i'm begging everyone. no more 'they're a snack' let's bring back 'something of a dish, isn't he?' hot people are now full on dishes

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