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  • The Karate Kid Part III

    The Karate Kid Part III


    daniel: *gets rejected by a girl* *get shoved into a window as glass shatters all around him* *nearly falls to his death getting a tree* *hurts his foot* *hurts his arm* *makes his knuckles bleed* *punches someone in the face* *gets punched in the face* *gets kicked in the balls*

  • Abe


    Only good for the MILF and DILF content. Arian and Dag I love you.

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  • GoodFellas



    Bisexual culture is being attracted to Karen and Jimmy.

  • Humboldt County

    Humboldt County


    Finally dipping my toes into Jeremy Strong's filmography. This is a good one. Didn't expect it to be about a homoerotic friendship with Chris Messina but I'm definitely not complaining. Subtextual Brokeback Mountain but with pot farmers.

    4 stars.