• Dune



    A heart-warming mother-son adventure for the whole family!

    (No spoilers below)

    So, 37 years after David Lynch's flopped attempt, we have a new Dune. And boy it's a doozy. Imagine the challenge of adapting Frank Herbert's immensely complicated and multi-layered work to the big screen. Of fitting in every single thing that makes it thrum like the sci-fi epic it is. The question is, does Denis Villeneuve - the fanboy's favorite filmmaker - succeed?

    Well – yeah! First off, Dune…

  • Titane



    I went in thinking "oh man, it's gonna be so gorey, I can't wait to be freaked out again", as I was wildly reminiscing about my experience at IFFR 2017 where I nearly passed out and threw up seeing Raw on the big screen. I was left.. very disappointed.

    - nothing is established well. Oh, she got into a car accident. So she's sexually attracted to cars now? We only really have two scenes about that in an entire…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Dev Patel is really hot but this fantasy epic just doesn't have enough world-building to be truly compelling, nor is it creepy enough to hold your attention the entire time. It suffers from under-explaineritus (where directors think its Mysterious and Cool to give as little information as possible, but just end up making a confusing movie) and some scenes are drastically under-lit (PLEASE turn on the fake moon beams, I want to see what is happening). I think my biggest…

  • Luca



    Watched for Cult-Uur Podcast!

    The positive thing I can say is that Luca is beautifully crafted. The animation is gorgeous, the backdrops are immaculate, the details about Liguria are spot-on. The story is (to me) a pretty in-depth allegory for being LGBTQ+ in a straight world, especially when it comes to the main character deciding to stay in a world where some people will never accept him, but he'll always be able to find the ones that do.

    Now for…

  • Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival

    Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival


    “Some of the best thinking is done as storytelling.”

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    Usually not a huge fan of meta-comedy, because there is a tendency for navel-gazing and pretentious semi-reflexivity (I'm sorry I can't word that more coherently). But Bo Burnham is a master of his craft, he's musically adept, creatively inimitable, and incredibly genuine. I love that he's inspired by Hans Teeuwen as well, you can really tell he takes his comedy very seriously and thinks about the impact of every message he yeets out into the world. He's come so very…

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    Sony Animation is doing what Disney can’t: clever, slightly edgy children’s entertainment with innovative animation techniques. Really enjoyable.

    Subtracted half a star because I’m sick of movies focusing on standard nuclear families. Give me this same plot but with a huge immigrant family including many uncles and cousins instead..? Would be fun.

  • The East

    The East


    It's a brave and commendable choice to make a war epic about the Indonesian National Revolution (1945-49), a dark chapter in Dutch history, which isn't often talked about because it brings up so much shame and embarrassment for the Dutch.

    That being said, this movie squanders its potential. It's beautifully shot on location and charmingly attempts to paint its Dutch soldier characters as morally complex. But its morally upstanding main character is a snoozefest (seriously, so boring - Martijn Lakemeijer…

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    Lakeith Stanfield is great as usual, but Daniel Kaluuya just knocks it out of the fucking park. The only note I have; as the film itself reiterates, Fred Hampton was 21 - Kaluuya is 32. Would've been amazing (but way harder casting wise? maybe?) to get an actual 21-year old for that role. Cus the whole time watching I was like. It is just incredible that this all happened irl and Fred was so young.

    Also, Thomas Sankara biopic when? Toussant Louverture action film when? I want more black revolutionaries on the big screen :__:!!

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Mm. I guess

  • Minari



    Cute character study that isnt the classical fish out of water story but instead really focuses on immigrant family dynamics. Oscar for Youn Yuh-Jung as the grandma please. But Han Ye-ri as Monica made me cry a lot

  • Nomadland



    Oh this was really good tho. Oscar for Swankie ??? #justiceforswankie