The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Hard to watch this and follow it up with Olivia Colman's Oscar speech and not cry. The final shot is painfully cathartic. They all lose. Abigail ends up on her knees as she always feared, and in the process tears apart true love and desecrates a queen. Marvelous performances from the trio. It's such a spectacle to see such endearing, yet venomous, performances from all three ladies. The camerawork was unique, and those fish lens shots were so nauseating yet appropriate and never would you think they belong in a period piece but they work extraordinarily well. The director is a visionary that has elevated the period piece beyond the genre of romanticism where it has succumbed to industry standards since the likes of Barry Lyndon. The costumes are to die for, especially Lady Marlborough's shooting costumes and lace eyepatch. Rachel Weisz was a ferocious creature in this film. What a masterpiece. It is refreshing to know that in an era of studio films auteurs are still alive and kicking. That doesn't go without another mention for the three actresses, however, who literally deliver one of the best period pieces ever made.

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