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  • Far Away, So Close

    Far Away, So Close

    I've come to think that I don't need the unnecessary, either

    The guilty, the acceptance, the solace, I guess, I need more to think about this film.

  • Wendy and Lucy

    Wendy and Lucy


    This is literally an easy watch with good performance and a lot of heart.

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  • Tremble All You Want

    Tremble All You Want


    Mayu Matsuoka at her best, sassy and an impulsive character, a role definitely fit for her. It's the best work I like from Akiko. It's odd but fun because it takes a turn with unpredictable scenes. I like the main character's brightness too, she is one silly girl but to live in that kind of harsh and boring environment it adds the dynamic into her life. It's refreshing. I think I can picture myself to watch this again in the future.

  • Sweet Bean

    Sweet Bean


    I watched this with very high anticipation because of my friend's review which said it was so tremendously astonishing. And the movie was indeed. It's not gripping but definitely become my favourite. It's calm, a slow paced yet amazing and heart whelming. Kiki Kirin carried the show, and also the one played Sentarou. I really don't understand why this kind of movie is not popular though the movie is a kind of inspiring one whom reality is so much reflected…