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  • Murder Mansion

    Murder Mansion


    Not quite giallo IMO, but a solidly overtly gothic dark and stormy night affair with some fun twists.

  • The Return of Godzilla

    The Return of Godzilla


    This was the first Heisei era Godzilla film i’d seen. It was included as part of a cheap VHS boxset of all  Showa entries. Granted, it was the New World Americanized version that was included, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Years later I finally saw the original Japanese THE RETURN OF GODZILLA cut and fell in love with it as well. The original Japanese cut has become the version I’ve seen the most and I barely remember…

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  • Prophecy



    This far exceeded my expectations. While I’m fairly certain I saw this a looooooong time ago, I remembered nothing from it. It does take its time getting to the mutant-bear rampaging goodness, but it’s worth the wait. Plus, there’s an extended scene that shows us the inner workings of a paper mill that felt like one of those “How’s This Made?” style PBS shows for kids...and I was really into it. 

    PROPHECY is an early eco-fears creature feature with plenty…

  • All the Colors of Giallo

    All the Colors of Giallo


    I LOVE giallo cinema, so I feel like if anyone were to truly love this documentary, it would be me. While I enjoy it, it feels like more of a broad overview of several important names in the genre. There’s no revelatory analysis or hidden gems to mine. I believe I might prefer YELLOW FEVER a bit more (time for a rewatch I’d say). The ultimate giallo documentary has yet to be made. Maybe I need to get on that Kickstarter. 

    Also: Umberto Lenzi appears with what looks like spaghetti sauce stains around his lips.