Milk ★★★★

Hell ya.

Gus Van Sant is lit. (this is one of his less experimental films)

I really wish we talked about more things like this, rather than just having it on the back burner. The only time I ever heard about queer cinema was at Emerson from the LGBTQ+ teachers and it's definitely something that deserves to be shared more.

This shit hits hard because I never knew Harvey Milk was a person until 2008 when the film came out. It seemed to be doing pretty well back then, so it had always been on my list since I didn't know anything about it.

I'm really glad that this film was made because I would have probably never heard his story. This film really shows history for what it is, and points out the underlying bigotry that we have to root out from this world.

For the edgy film bros: you might wanna watch Elephant or Last Days.

If you're looking for some Queer Cinema: Carol is amazing Moonlight if you haven't seen it. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story if you can find it.