Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★


If you haven't been to the Hannibal Square Heritage Museum in winter park it's basically a two story house in which a collection of old photographs from the homes of black members of the community who are currently, or who use to be, living there and each photo hanging on the wall has a description underneath from an interview with the person who turned in the photo about who is in the photo. Most of them as they are read reveal a very sweeping recent history of the decay of a community, as wealthy white land developers moved in and took over the area, reading things like "our house use to be there, but it's gone now" or details that quickly wrap up the person's life in often a tragic, but extremely nonchalant blithely, manner like "he died a year later in jail".

This experience is sort of what this film feels like. Cuarón has slowly revealed himself to me over time and returning to this film after seeing more of his works i think i finally understand how much is going on here. So much of what is happening is dedicated to the background and on a future viewing i might try to go into all of it . Also on a second viewing the scene where Luisa holds the baby by the beach really got to me.


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