Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife ★★★★½

“Are you prepare to die?”
“… I’m only 12?” 

The biggest surprise of the year for me. I never cared for the original Ghostbusters, I can appreciate it, but I just never got the hype. I actually really like the 2016 reboot, and I was expecting to see a sequel to that one before they did a continuation of the originals. When the trailers dropped, I sorta rolled my eyes at it all. It just looked like Stranger Things in this universe. I’m so happy with how wrong I was. This was a hilarious and fun ride that takes its time to build these new characters. With some great, and even vintage visuals to blend in with the nostalgia of the original. And an incredible starring role from McKenna Grace, she is the breakout in the film, and one of the coolest characters as well. I’m just so happy to have given this film a chance, and it provided an emotional ending that I wasn’t expecting, and honestly gave me watery eyes, even if I didn’t care much for the original. Can’t wait to revisit this one as soon as possible, and surprisingly, it’s probably going to be the most underrated blockbuster this year.

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