The Mexican Cinephile's Canon

Classic, influential, historically significant, or popular films of both Mexican and Mexican-American cinema.

I made this list so that I could have a historical reference point for depictions of Mexico and its people/culture on film. Which means there are LOTS of movies where racism, stereotypes, whitewashing, brownface, and cultural appropriation are prominent. I believe it is necessary to include such films for historical context. To ignore these depictions is to ignore the long history of discrimination that we Mexicans continue to face both onscreen and off.

My apologies to the Three Amigos (and their Oscars) but Gravity, Birdman, and The Shape of Water don't qualify. I'm only including films that deal directly with Mexico, Mexican people, and their culture.

🇲🇽 ¡Que viva México! 🇲🇽