Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Utterly speechless. Best of the year and up there for best of the decade.

People call movies experiences, but nothing I’ve seen is as powerful of an experience as this. I felt like I watched this in first person, and that’s not just because of the best sound design of the past 20 years. Every moment of this is so brutal, so emotional, so human. For 2 hours I did not feel like myself, I was immersed in a world so similar yet completely alien to my own.

The treatment of disabilities in this is so honest and probably the first time I’ve seen it treated as such. If anything, it makes me dislike movies like A Beautiful Mind for their portrayal of disabilities. Of course I’m no expert on this subject but Sound Of Metal offers such a grounded and authentic view, I feel as though my entire perception of the world I live in compared to others has changed. 

Not to be the “this movie will change your life” guy, but... this movie will change your life.

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