Edge of Tomorrow ★★★½

I've never made a secret of my distaste for Tom Cruise, so I was never in a rush to check this out. Still. Doug Liman and Emily Blunt in combination with all those "Not as bad as feared"-reviews made sure I had to give it some of my day and time.

Groundhog Day taken to Aliens of this decade is probably an apt enough description; and it works a lot better than you might fear based on that description alone. It doesn't blow me away or anything, but compared to most bullshit we're served in the genre it's quite a nice little treat.

I still have plenty of issues with it, but none major enough to warrant a long rambling. As far as Sci-Fi Action goes, you'd actually have to search a little to find much with better value in the current marked. So much so; I'll even throw on the stamp of Zapproval Action-wise, and add it to the list.

Rewatch-probability: 4/5
(Yeah, there's actually quite a good chance I'll take this little trip again)

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