Heavy ★★★★

I'll be the first to admit writer-director James Mangold's career have taken a tragic turn lately, but with his feature debut Heavy, he hit all the right notes.

Liv Tyler, Deborah Harry, Shelley Winters, Joe Grifasi and Evan Dando all does well, but the stars here are undoubtedly Mangold's work and leading star Pruitt Taylor Vince's performance. The latter gives a soulful performance that is subtle, realistic and very grounded.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise I liked this one. It's got a few of my many favorite traits; small town, quiet, a slowly observing pace, a sense of poetry in its pulse, and it doesn't rely on grandeur to make an impact. It's not for nothing it made it into my Obscure Recommendations-list already on fading memory alone, and it even improved on this revisit.

Rewatch-probability: 4/5
(In its own way, almost a meditative journey I'm all for taking again.)