In Good Company ★★

I don't know...

Despite Scarlett, a quite realistic tone and a story with more going for it than what you might fear from the sound of it, I was kind of bored nevertheless.

It's certainly not bad, but it's one of those movies that really haven't got what it takes to stay in your memory. It's just a bit too much like a unbearable long set-up that doesn't really deliver the promised punch-line by the end.

Scarlett looked like a goddess though...

Still, the movie is more about Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace's characters, and neither of them have never been accused of being on my top-lists. It all makes me a little sad, because I haven't yet gotten around to revisit another Paul Weitz-movie with another of my favorite actresses; American Dreamz w/ Mandy Moore.... My already kind of low expectations (or barely remembered first impression) went right down the toilet.

I can't imagine I'll ever wanna revisit this, and something tells me it will feel more like a one-star movie in the back of my mind in a decade, than the two I barely scraped together for it now a day after watching it.