Oldboy ★★★★

I have to think about this for awhile. What I have to think about is, ' what exactly is the intention of the director in regard to the Tarantino violence in the film. And in a way it seems more convincing and "acceptable" than in something like Kill Bill. The violence here seems to have a more organic function in the story than when Tarantino splashes the screen with uninhibited, unwatchable scenes of violence. The scenes don't have a "campy, dare you to watch" touch that is often the case in the "nouveau violence" genre that Tarantino plays with. This some how makes the violence believable. The characters are living with the violence and not using the violence to shock the viewer for its own sake. The viewer is not given permission to enjoy the violence with a wink to a popular neo-noir culture. The characters have no choice and are certainly not enjoying what they are condemned to experience. The violence has a "logicial" core that is in stark contrast to the characters we have to deal with in other films in the revenge genre.
The masterful sliding between flashbacks and "the moment" combined with the original and unique camera work.